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Epigenetics Conferences 2017

The field of epigenetics is developing at a rapid rate. At Cambridge Epigenetix, we understand how important it is to stay up-to-date with the latest research and technology. For that reason, we have created this useful list of conferences covering epigenetics and related fields. 




Transcriptional and Epigenetic Control in Stem Cells

Squaw Creek, USA

8-12 Jan

Precision Medicine World Conference (PMWC)

Silicon Valley, USA

23-25 Jan

Epigenetics and Human Disease: Progress from Mechanisms to Therapeutics

Seattle, USA

29 Jan - 2 Feb

Arab Health

Dubai, UAE

30 Jan - 2 Feb

Festival of Genomics London

London, UK

31 Jan - 1 Feb


Washington DC, USA

4-8 Feb

Human Genome Meeting - From Genomics to Therapy

Barcelona, Spain

5-7 Feb

Epigenetic Enzymes in Drug Discovery

San Diego, USA

8-9 Feb

International Rare Disease Research Consortium (IRDiRC)

Paris, France

8-9 Feb

AUST Research Conference on environmental epigenetics 2017

Thuwal, Saudi Arabia 

12-15 Feb

Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT)

Florida, USA

13-16 Feb

ICHG 2017 : 19th International Conference on Human Genetics

London, UK

16-17 Feb

Belgian Society of Human Genetics (BeSHG)



Epigenetics Conference - From Mechanisms to Disease

Cancun, Mexico


Molecular Med Tri-Con

San Francisco, USA

19-24 Feb

12th Annual Biomarkers Congress 2017

Manchester. UK

21-22 Feb

Meeting the Challenge of Healthy Ageing in the 21st Century


21-23 Feb

Precision Medicine


22-23 Feb

Regulatory and Epigenetic Stochasticity in Development and Disease

Los Angeles, USA


Global Precision Medicine Summit

Berlin, Germany

2-3 Mar

10th Anniversary Symposium: Multi-scale Approaches in Cancer Biology

Cambridge, UK

2-3 Mar

LEC/LCC joint meeting on Epigenetics and Metabolism

London, UK


2nd Interventions in Aging Conference

Cancun, Mexico

2-5 Mar

Epigenetics in Drug Discovery 2017

Cambridge, UK

6-7 Mar

7th Clinical Epigenetics International Meeting (CLEPSO)

Düsseldorf, Germany

9-10 Mar



15-16 Mar

The 5th Plant Genomics and Gene Editing Congress

Amsterdam, Netherlands

16-17 Mar

GTC Biomarker Summit 2017

San Diego, USA

20-22 Mar

Association Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABRF)

San Diego, USA

25-28 Mar

The Ageing Cell Conference 2017

Babraham, UK


Ideas to Reality

Cambridge, UK


World CDx Europe

London, UK

29-30 Mar


Washington DC, USA

1-5 Apr

Genomic Instability and DNA Repair

Santa Fe, USA

2-6 Apr

NGS 2017

Barcelona, Spain

3-5 Apr

Genomics of Rare Disease

Cambridge, UK

5-7 Apr

Molecular Diagnostics Europe

Lisbon, Portugal

10-13 Apr

Molecular Diagnostics


12-13 Apr

32nd International conference of Alzheimer's Disease International (ADI)

Kyoto, Japan

26-29 Apr

The Biology of Regenerative Medicine

Cambridge, UK


Biomarkers and Immuno-Oncology World Congress

Philadelphia, USA

2-4 May

EMBO: Chromatin and Epigenetics

Heidelberg, Germany

3-6 May

Symposium on translational epigenetics

Mainz, Germany


The Biology of Genomes

Cold Spring Harbor, USA

9-13 May

Genetics and Genomics


10-11 May

2nd European Cancer Epigenetics Conference

Heidelberg, Germany

11-13 May

Frontiers in reproductive epigenetics

Grand Rapids, USA


Aging and Mechanisms of Aging-Related Disease

Yokohama, Japan

15-19 May


Hanover, Germany

16-18 May

Advancing Pathology for Cancer Diagnosis, Staffing and Prognosis


16-18 May

International Cell Senescence Association (ISCA)

Paris, France

16-19 May

Bio IT World

Boston, USA

23-25 May

Advances in Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

Heidelberg, Germany

23-26 May

European Human Genetics Conference (ESHG)

Copenhagen, Denmark

27-30 May

Epigenetics & Cancer

Paris, France



Prague, Czech Republic

30 May - 3 Jun

ASCO Annual Meeting

Chicago, USA

2-6 Jun

2nd DNA Replication as a Source of DNA Damage Conference

Rome, Italy

3-6 Jun

14th International Symposium on Variants in the Genome: detection, sequencing & interpretation

Santiago de Compostela, Spain

5-6 Jun

Advancing Alzheimer's Research: Characterisation, Diagnosis & Treatment


13-15 Jun

Global biotechnology congress

Boston, USA

10-13 Jul

Alzheimer's Association International Conference

London, UK

16-20 Jul

3rd EACR Conference on Cancer Genomics

Cambridge, UK

25-18 Jun

AACC Annual Scientific Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo

San Diego, USA

30 Jul - 3 Aug

Epigenetics in Action: From Mechanisms to Biological Impacts

Holderness, USA

30 Jul - 4 Aug

Cancer Genomics Consortium (CCMC)

Denver, USA

7-9 Aug

9th Annual Next Generation Dx Summit

Washington, DC, USA

15-18 Aug

Cell Death

Cold Spring Harbor, USA

15-19 Aug

The Nucleosome: From Atoms to Genomes

Heidelberg, Germany


29th European Congress of Pathology (ECP 2017)

Amsterdam , Netherlands

2-6 Sep

European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO)

Madrid, Spain

08-12 Sep

International Genetic Epidemiology society (IGES) meeting

Cambridge, UK

9-11 Sep

Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) - Precision Health

Scottsdale, Arizona

14-16 Sep

Stem Cell Biology

Cold Spring Harbor, USA

25-29 Sep

Cell Biology


27-28 Sep

Immunogenomics 2017

HudsonAlpha, USA

2-4 Oct

International Symposium on Human Identification

Seattle, USA

2-5 Oct

British Society for Genetic Medicine (BSGM)



Predictive, Preventive and Personalized Medicine & Molecular Diagnostics

Chicago, USA

5-6 Oct

Individualizing Medicine Conference

Rochester, USA

9-10 Oct

7th Annual NGS Asia Congress 2017


10-11 Oct

Cancer Research and Oncology


11-12 Oct


Pacifico Yokohama, Japan

11-13 Oct

3rd Annual Epigenetic Discovery Congress

London, UK

12-13 Oct

American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG)

Orlando, USA

17-21 Oct

Next Generation Sequencing & Single Cell Analysis USA Congress

Boston, USA

23-24 Oct

Barcelona Conference on Epigenetics and Cancer (BCEC 2017)

Barcelona, Spain

25-26 Oct

Cancer Genetics and Epigenetics (Int. Conf. on Epigenetics Research)

Osaka, Japan

26-28 Oct

Protecting the Code: Epigenetic Impacts on Genome Stability

Berlin, Germany

29 Oct - 1 Nov

Epigenetics 2017 (Australia)

Hamilton Island, Australia

29 Oct - 2 Nov

NCRI Cancer Conference

Liverpool, UK

5-8 Nov

France-Japan Epigenetics Workshop-2017

Paris, France

6-8 Nov

Clinical Diagnostics and Research


8-9 Nov

Big Questions in Neuroscience

Arlington, USA

9-10 Nov

9th Annual Next Generation Sequencing Congress 2016

London, UK

9-10 Nov

Society for Neuroscience - SFN

Washington DC, USA

11-15 Nov

8th World Gene Convention-2017 (WGC-2017)

Macao, China

13-15 Nov

Epigenomics of Common Diseases

Wellcome, Cambridge

14-17 Nov

Association Molecular Pathologists

Salt Lake City, USA

16-18 Nov

The 4th Canadian Conference on Epigenetics

Whistler, Canada

26-29 Nov

UCL Cancer Institute conference 

London, UK

1 Dec

ICHG 2017: 19th International Conference on Human Genetics

Bangkok, Thailand

17-18 Dec


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